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Sleeping bags for kids

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Our sleep bags are ideal to keep toddlers and young children warm at night time.

Media Reviews:


highlights the functionality and fun aspect of our sleep bags with legs:

Part dress up, part sleeping bag, these Penguin Bags are equal parts function and fun. They’re designed, like all children’s sleeping bags, to keep toddlers and young children warm at night. But the point of difference with Penguin Bags is that the feet are kept free, so children can walk safely to the toilet, or your room. There’s also a zip between the legs for nappy changes.

Mama Stylista

talks about our pyjamas for children as a “genius creation”:

The weather is getting cooler and it’s time to wrap up your little ones warm and cosy at night.” She affirms: “This is a nightmare for me” and she says she is constantly going into her toddler’s room to make sure he is covered up properly. “Now hopefully I can get some sleep!” – she exclaimed.

Two Point Five Kids

have the answer to what to do when the grobag does not serve the purpose any longer:

What do you do when your child is too big for a grobag but is always waking up cold in the night because they have kicked off their bedding? You buy them a Penguin Bag of course!!” They call our Penguinbags “delightful creations” and affirm they “combine the security of a sleeping-bag with the practicality of pyjamas.

Mum’s Grapevine

tests our sleep bags and gives the thumbs up:

But who needs to save them for sleeping? We test drove a few PenguinBags with a couple of the MGV kids and they reckon these suits are also the perfect attire for dancing and dog walking! It’s a thumbs up from Mum’s Grapevine’s tiny critics – and we couldn’t agree more!

Review Zoo

note the practical features of our Penguinbags and give their personal opinion:

This is a great product to come out of Europe and we are huge fans here at RZ. Not only are Penguin Bag Company sleep bags very well made, durable and incredibly cozy but they are fun for kids to wear. We’re actually having trouble getting toddlers out of them! These bags really bring peace of mind to parents on those cold nights, particularly in the colder areas of Australia. The zipper is a breeze for kids to operate themselves and washing is as simple as throwing it in the machine. The only issue we have is which design to choose next!

Cosa Mi Metto

discovered the advantages of a penguinbag over a traditional blankets:

We are far away from Carnival, I know, but this is not a costume, but a very warm sleeping bag that keeps warm children that just don’t like blankets, as Camilla.


includes our Sleeping bags in the Top 20 Kids Pyjamas for Winter 2014

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