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A fun day at work

Queen Portraits

Last Thursday it was a really fun day at work. It was a photo shoot day. Once every few months, we need to make photos of a new penguin bag and that day is always guaranteed to be fun.

We usually do our photo shoots in Hong Kong. The reason for this is that our favourite photographer, Grainne Quinlan, a great photographer of children, is based in Hong Kong, and also, there is a great diversity of children of very different backgrounds here. It is not easy to find the same diversity in many places. Our model children represent the UK, Singapore, Australia, India, USA, Canada, Ireland, China and, of course, we also have a good bunch of Spaniards!

This time we got a little girl for our latest penguin bag design. We usually use non professional models, because if you try to find a “professional” model through an agency, well…lets be realistic… how “professional” can a 2-year old be? You end up paying over the odds just for arranging an appointment.

Usually moms get more nervous than the little kids. You can find mothers who get really upset with a child who suddenly does not want to pose for a picture, others who arrive with a huge bag filled with sweets and toys. But normally, after 20 minutes, everything settles. The music is on, Grainne takes some photos of mommy and toddler to make the child relax and the fun starts! By the end of the session, child, mother, photographer and myself (who usually acts as the session clown and garment presser) end up dancing to “Sleeping Bunnies”.

In this occasion, the little girl, Olivia, met all the expectations. You will see her in our webpage soon.

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