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Attitude, that little thing that makes such a big difference


Today I am not going to talk about sleeping bags, pajamas or anything similar. I would like to tell you about Sofía, one of my best friend’s sister. On her last two visits to the gynecologist, she had mentioned to the consultant that she could feel a lump in one of her breasts. Unfortunately, he did not think much of it. Everything seemed OK until last month, when Sofía had to have her breast removed in an emergency operation.

Many people advised her to buy a wig similar to the long dark hair she once had, thinking specially about the shock her three young children would go through seeing mommy lose her hair. Sofía refused from the first moment and faced the difficulties she was encountering day by day with admirable attitude and serenity. She went to the hairdresser and changed her look. Pocahontas became Amelie. But Amelie started to lose her hair and Sofía had to make a decision soon. She organized a special hairdresser session at home, where her children were the professionals treating her hair. Cut a bit here, make a short fringe there, shave a bit here, until mommy looked amazingly beautiful with her brand new shaved head.

Some people, when confronted with situations like this can only focus on what the final outcome may be. Sofía, with her big blue eyes, sees hope and joy in every moment of this very hard experience.

 Now, Amelie is tenant Oneill.

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