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Baby, the comfort toy

baby photo

Hello, this is Lourdes talking ;)

Baby is (or was) my son Javi’s favourite toy, the one he was attached to. She has lived with us for over three years but I think it has come the time to give her a farewell. Behind are those memories when Baby was left behind in an airoplane and we had to sprint through Heathrow to get her back, or when she fell in cow manure during a holiday in Asturias and had to undergo an emergency beauty (and disinfectant!) treatment.

When my first son was born, he enjoyed being carried everywhere and, from very early age, he got used to touch my hair while being carried. By age five months, he could not sleep without holding my hair as a little monkey. By month ten, when his grasping was already becoming a painful experience, I decided it was time for him to hold to something that required well…less contorsionism work from me, specially now that my hear was fairly short.

I embarked in the task of buying a comfort toy for him. Following popular wisdom, I decided I needed to buy two items exactly the same, in case I ever lost one. I bought two comfort blankets. They did not work. I went for two soft teddy bears. Nope. Became creative…What about two wigs? Nope. Two Chinese tassels? Nope.

I was already convinced that this was a battle I was going to lose when something happened. I was in Oxford street in London waiting for a friend, just opposite to a store with a big Sale sign. Now, you should know there are are two things in the world I am magnetically attracted to without any ability to resist. One is chocolate. The other is a Sale sign. I crossed the street and entered the shop. On the front of the shop, they had some toys and on the back they had a children section with a super huge red SALE sign. And there I headed. My stroller bumped into something on the floor. I picked it up, it was a doll. My son saw it and, through some monkey like noises, he told me to give it to him. So did I. Maybe that will give me some quiet minutes of freedom to buy some pajamas, I thought.

He never let the doll go again. For three years everytime Baby went missing I hit myself on the head for not having seen this happening and not having bought two. I raided ebay, even sent an email to Mattel to try to locate a second Baby with no success.

Until around 1 month ago when, coming back from Singapore, Baby stayed in the suitcase for a bit too long. Javi has never asked for her again.

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