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Bye bye layers


How exciting! I just got a new prototype of a new range of garments we want to put in the market next winter (North Hemisphere). Unfortunately, this turned out to be quite a complicated garment to make which required a lot of prototyping and, consequently, we may need to delay launch to Winter South Hemisphere.Among other things, because it has more zippers than the whole Victoria Beckham Exposed Zipper Dress Collection. As there is nothing similar in the market, we had to work on sizing with real babies, and that has taken some time too. I had some wonderful Hong Kong mums who let me to dress their children with Really Cold Winter Clothes for some minutes even when the outdoor temperature was over 25 degrees. Bless them!  I am now happy with the technical part of it, but the look and feel still need more work.

We started working on this about six months ago. Whenever I think of a new product, the starting point is always what problems I had with my children that I could have sorted out. And this problem kept on coming top of the list: Javi, my first child, was born in London and, although we moved to Hong Kong when he was 18 months, he had to endure 2 London winters. I loved taking him out for a walk in the chilly air of London Parks. But one thing that kept bothering me was the need to constantly dress and undress him. Go out at 2 degrees, wrap up warm, get into John Lewis, undress him, go back into the street, get him dressed again, let’s have a coffee, take off some layers… and so on.

The new garment is designed to make this whole process as painless as possible. People who have seen it loved it, so hopefully you will like it too.

I have to leave you now. Javi just got through the door from school. He is super excited because Sarah, his 5 year old sweetheart, has given him “so many kisses today that he has lost count”.  He is jumping up and down so much that I am starting to suspect Sarah is not the only cause – surely he found and ate the whole Godiva chocolate bar I bought for myself this morning!

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