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Cold weather in Hong Kong


It is cold, very cold in Hong Kong. I know this may sound funny to most of
you living closer to the poles but, with temperatures at 9 degrees outside
right now, 5:30 in the morning, it feels very cold. In fact, the Hong Kong
Observatory issued a cold weather warning a couple of days ago. The cold
feels much worse in a city with high humidity and lots of skyscrappers,
which make every street very windy.

Hong Kong flats are not prepared for this weather. While we all have super
powerful air conditioning systems, I still have to find somebody who says
the heating system works well for them. Because we only use it for a few
days a year, if any, you will see that, while a break down of an air
conditioning system is a problem that merits moving to another place while
being fixed, a break down in the usually already very weak heating system is
something you struggle to get fixed. Yesterday I put our heating system on,
but, after a couple of hours, I switched it off when the room temperature
had not gone up even one degree.

My children are sleeping in their 2.5 TOG penguin bags. I touch their noses
to ensure their body temperature is fine. Yes, apparently, that is the way
you should check the body temperature of a child, touching their noses. They
both seem to be OK.

Many people ask me why I started making penguin bags while living in Hong
Kong. Well….this is why….and I’m very glad I did it!=

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