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Crafty Mother in Law to the Rescue

plastic delivery bags

I am in trouble, serious trouble. I have dropped the ball and now I need to sort it out urgently!

At the end of January, we got an order from a retailer in Hong Kong we were quite keen to add to our books.  It only had a problem: this retailer wanted the garments to be delivered in plastic display bags. We usually encourage our retailers to display our garments in hangers, as their design can be much better appreciated that way, but this retailer had very valid reasons to request the plastic display bags.

I was very keen to deliver to them before the beginning of February, as I would be departing for Australia to attend a trade show fair there shortly. I would usually go back to my brilliant team in Spain to have this type of things sorted out. But in this occasion that wasn’t possible. Manufacturing and delivery the bags to Hong Kong would take a minimum of 15 days, keeping my new client waiting. Then there was the small detail that everybody in the company was super busy with the upcoming FIMI trade show in Madrid.

So I decided to use our Hong Kong based personnel. You should know that in Hong Kong, apart from some warehousing/sorting/delivery assistance, this company has only three employees: Me, Myself and I ;)

I was put by Myself in charge of having the plastic bags manufactured and delivered in a record time of 3 days. What I did not realised was that those were the last three days before Hong Kong shuts down for the Chinese New year’s celebrations!  Was I going to let a holiday held by just over one billion people stop me from achieving such objective?? Of course not.

I located a company in Hong Kong in the business of doing this type of wrapping. Put an order. Three hours later, I received an email. ‘Sorry, but due to the upcoming New Year celebrations, we cannot complete your order in 3 business days’. I put a second order, in another company, same response. Third order? Same again!!

In desperation I told my visiting Crafty Mother In Law about my troubles. How many do you need?- she asked.  Fifty? Surely that cannot be so difficult to make by hand, she said.  She spent the following three days sourcing the materials and making the plastic bags by hand, one by one. They were beautifully made and we both were very pleased with the result. They would be pretty expensive if I had to pay my secret helper, but my Crafty Mother in Law did it for free with a big smile and thanked me for the job because she was a bit bore those days! :)

I have been told today that the second order from this retailer is on its way. I’d better start sourcing more plastic bags now. Otherwise I may need to send and SOS and ferry my Crafty Mother in Law from the other side of the world again!

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