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Sometimes, we receive unsolicited emails at my company. Most of the times those emails are offering services or containing CVs. But around 2 months ago, I received a very different email.

It was from a man, working as a security guard in a prison in Spain. Some days ago, he had had dinner at a friends’ house. His friends have a little boy and he was wearing a pirate penguin bag that day. He had seen how excited he was and learned of our business through his mother.

He was writing to me because, as he has quite a few quiet night hours to spend in prison, he had drawn a design he thought I may like. He had no background as designer or similar but he had enjoyed a lot the time he spent doing it, he said.

I did not like it…I absolutely LOVED it! It was something new, very detailed and clearly thought of. It had some problems though: joining seams were placed in very challenging places, he had used patterns that would make the design very expensive to manufacture and some other bits and pieces.

So, I responded to him with my thoughts, congratulating him for his effort and not expecting to hear again from him.

Fifteen days later, I got another email from him. He was attaching another sketch. He had, not only improved the weak points, but he worked on the pantone colours, the embroideries and had clearly gone through our collection and taken some leads from them. I was absolutely impressed!

His design is now on prototype phase. I cant wait to get it and send him a photo. I am sure he will spend some of his quiet night shift hours looking at it. If his design makes it to the 2015 season collection, it will be the first design not made by me.

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