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Hello, this is Lourdes talking ;)

Today, I had to go and buy a new computer. My old one was killed in an accident yesterday…


I have an office in Hong Kong but most of the days I work from home because that allows me to maximize the time I spend with my children, age 2 and 4. I believe in working at home. Even more, most of the people working for The Penguin Bag Company are mums (or dads, we have one with this profile!), who are the main caregivers of their children and, therefore, working from home suit them much better than spending 2 hours a day commuting. I believe that if an employee is a good employee, he or she will work well anywhere in the world, and, if it is a bad employee, well…his or her bottom will be a good heater for any seat, no matter where that seat is!


But working from home also has its inconveniences, at least for me. One of them is that my children always arrive home 5 minutes short of my finishing my work, no matter how I schedule my day.  Those five minutes always end up with Javi trying to key on my computer while Gabriel pulls my sleeve trying to get my attention.


Yesterday it was Gabriel, age 2, the one arriving 5 minutes too early. He was really keen on getting my attention. I kept on saying: hold on…I will be with you in a minute….


The minute ended up becoming ten minutes and then twenty minutes and he started losing his patience. He was holding a dinosaur his brother got for his birthday 15 days ago. A small 382 grams dinosaur! (I just weigh it…)


Suddenly, I turned around and saw the dino flying directly into my head. After the initial panic scream, I was lucky enough to duck it but my computer does not have the ability to get out of the way of flying objects…not yet at least…


Crash!!!!!  A quick, painless, sad dead for my 1 year old old computer…the one that dedicated his short life to The Penguin Bag Company, my companion when I have to work at 3 AM, the only being in the world who knows how I spend my day minute by minute…


Obviously I can tell Gabriel off for throwing things but I cannot blame him for breaking my computer. It was 100% my fault. I assure you, from now on, the laptop will be closed as soon as I hear the key getting into the keyhole.  Next time, if you get a blog post cut in the middle, you will know a child in Hong Kong has just arrived home…

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