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Feeling Good Doing “Business”


After coming back from the FIMI Trade Show, we had to face a dilema we always have after each show: when we leave, our suitcases are filled of beautiful brand new penguinbags, but when we come back, those penguinbags have been handled by thousands of people and, although they are “technically new” they are not saleable any more. What to do with them is something we have to decide each time.

But in this case, we got the response thanks to a friend involved with several charities in Northern Spain. He told us about a Care Home in Gijon, which helps very young mums with children under their care and young pregnant girls, all of them with very limited economic means. Next day, we called the Care Home to see if we could go to visit them and learn more about their project and share our penguinbags with the Mums and babies in their Home. The nun in charge of the project, Sister Marisa, was delighted with the idea and we agreed to meet some days later. Next Saturday, I and Maria, our Head of Business Administration, went to the Care Home with our cars filled with penguibags of different designs, sizes and TOGs and a couple of bags of booties, in a cold but bright Asturian day. Pyjamas for boys

As soon as they open the door and Sister Daniela greeted us, we felt this project was something more than just a Care Home. The bright light coming from their garden through the large French doors is no more than a reflection of the nice environment and friendship these young girls and their babies find in this Care Home. In this house, they not only get a place to stay and be fed, but also friendship, education, advice, help with the care of the babies and psicological help, resulting all of it in a better development, autonomy and self-esteem of both mums and children.

That the results excel is obvious when you see the children running around happily and you are greeted by young mums of such diverse background united by the love to their children. And all of it just the job of three nuns, coming from places as different and distant as Asturias, Colombia and Chile. Their hands-on approach can be heard when you hear the children sing nursery rhymes from Latin America after a nursery rhyme in the local Asturian dialect.

Unfortunately we had to leave without meeting Sister Marisa, who was away for the day, but happy and proud of being able to do our little bit for such a worthy cause. At the end of the day, when we started the Penguinbag adventure, we did it with the purpose of sharing the Penguinbag experience with all the children in the world. To be able to do it with little ones whose mothers could not afford it and see their smile and gratitude is one of the best things of this business.

And, on Monday, when we came back to the office, we were surprised by a voice mail from Sister Marisa. We look forward to meeting her in our next visit. Here is the voice message we would like to share with you.

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