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Going Down Under J-Lo style

kids in style photo

Hello, this is Lourdes talking ;)

I am at the Australian Consulate in Hong Kong trying to sort out some paperwork for our trip to the Kids In Style fair in Sydney, where we are going to exhibit our penguin bags to Australian retailers next February. We are very excited about this opportunity. This is no ordinary fair, free for all, but one where exhibitors are selected on the basis of design, quality and market appeal.

The initial idea for this fair was for me to go with one of our commercial agents, quick five day trip and back to HK. But somehow this is becoming more complicated than that.

I once heard that Jennifer Lopez does not travel anywhere without a minimum of 5 people to cater for her needs. I always thought that there were only two things that Jennifer and I had in common: our mother tongue and a generous derrière. I now find that I also travel for work with an entourage of husband, two children, one grandma and a nanny.

Since the fair falls on Valentine’s day, and my lovely husband had to plan his own business trip around that time to Sydney, he thought it would be nice to come along and spend Valentine’s day with me in Sydney, to which I eagerly agreed. But, as we started organising the logistics, we thought it would also be nice for my mum, who had never been to Sydney and will be visiting HK by then, to come. She happily said yes, specially thinking of going to warm weather in the middle of her winter.

So, who are the children going to stay with? Who are we going to put through the pain of almost one week without sleep? After deciding we did not want to lose any of our friends by tasking them with babysitting two badly trained sleepers for 6 nights, their name was added to the list. And, I tell you, if you see the cost of hiring a nanny per hour for the 14 the hours per day I am going to be working for one week, you will agree that it is much cheaper to bring our own nanny and pay the airplane ticket for her!

So, there we go, to a trip initially planned for one and ending up with six travelers.

I just hope my Valentine’s dinner also ends with one of those big rocks J-Lo so much talks about on her songs…..ok, ok, ok, maybe a tiny little rock will do just fine this time…

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