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Have I lost my number one fan???? Maybe not…


This is Lourdes talking ;)

Last Friday it was Pajamas Party Day at Javi’s school. That is the day when all the students, almost 2,000 of them, go to school in the pajamas. It is a fun day for the children and one they look forward to for a long time.

Some of my friends, whose kids go to the same school, sent me emails at the beginning of the week. “Johny is really excited about taking his pirate penguin bag to school!”, “may I have a new penguin bag for Annie please?” are some of the messages I got.

When Javi, age 4, arrived from school last Tuesday I asked him “so, which penguin bag are you going to wear to school on Friday??” He looked at me, went quiet for some seconds, sighed and said ” mommy, I am not wearing a penguin bag, I am wearing the Spiderman pajamas’.

I went into mute but my head started spinning. Spiderman  pajamas??  You, who have slept in nothing but penguin bags for the last two years??? Spiderman? You mean that pajamas I bought for you for a superheroes party in a street market? The same one whose stitches broke as soon as you pull it to get your head through???

Anyway, the thing is that Friday came and there he went with his torn, faded in color Spiderman pajamas, all happy to catch the school bus.

When he came back I asked him how the party has gone. He said ” it was great mommy. Sarah (his 4 year-old sweat heart) was wearing a pink pajamas. She told me it was a princess pajamas. I told her that it was not a princess pajamas, it was just a pajamas with a princess picture, and that the real princess pajamas were the ones my mommy makes”

Maybe he just needs to be transferred to the sales department…

And that night he slept in his astronaut penguin bag, by the way…

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