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Having a Peek at Indiana Jones’ Wardrobe


I am researching a potential new business line. This is what
professionals call the pre-production work. In my case, I would call it the
pre-pre-pre production work but, at least, I have started.

I do not like seams. Well, let me rephrase that. I think seams are a very
useful thing in design but I hate how they look inside and how they feel
against the skin. From this perpective, you can call me a Seam Freak. You
can see this in our booties. Have you
ever turned them inside out? I remember when I first designed them and
managed to get a prototype done that I would show it to some garments
makers and they could not understand how they had been sewn to make all
the seams look inwards.

Anyway, in my seam battle and in the research for this new product, I
decided to raid my sister’s husband Indiana Jones’s wardrobe.
Indiana Jones is one of these people who go to climb the Everest and comes
back with his nose burned, his toes black from frost bite and having lost 12
kilos but still thinks he had a great time. Buff!!

The thing is that his technical clothes for such endeavour, all of them
super expensive, are a fantastic source of knowledge. Made for extreme
conditions, they are really carefully done and keeping in mind the need of
super comfort and durability. This applies to how labels are attached, how
ventilation is provided and, of course, to seams.

So I asked my sister Natalia to put in a package some very carefully
selected pieces and send it to me. The package has arrived and I am with my
notebook and pen ready to open this chest of treasures. Gabi is trying to
help open the box by jumping on it. I’d better hurry. The clothes will need
to be back in Spain before Indiana Jones misses them!

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