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Mummy, you are really fat, are you going to get much fatter?

With this question, I was greeted by Javi, my four year old son, while I was coming out of the bathroom yesterday.

He is not being unkind or just saying that for no reason. At age 22×2, I am four months pregnant with my third child. Yes, 22×2 you read correctly. I was already a matured mum when I had my first child, a few months short of turning 40, but, for this third one, I am getting some raised eyebrows of wonder. I am one of those women who get all round when pregnant, instead of getting one of those cute tiny balloon type bellies some women get. Many people do not dare ask, and due to my age and shape, they are still wondering if I am pregnant or just fat.

When people learn of it, you usually get bombarded with questions. But…you are happy, arent you? Were you after it? But, you had IVF treatment, haven’t you? I have to say I got bothered by these questions at the beginning. Now I realised that it is not bad intentioned. So, I just go on with the routine, “Yes, of course I am happy“. “How much a 44 year old whose husband travels around 20 days a month can be after it?” – I answered the second one. “No, I have not undergone any treatment, I am just one of those lucky women.”

You also get some naturally nice comments. I got “Oh, Lourdes, you are my hope” from actually a bunch of friends who are not being as lucky as I am. And I feel happy to represent hope for those women who are crossing their fingers to get a gift from nature one of these days.

And for those women are for the ones I continually cross my fingers now everytime I think about my growing belly.

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