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Lourdes talking: New design in the making!


I have been working for the last two months in a new penguin bag design which, I hope, boys are going to love. It has been hard, I got some many versions of this pyjamas wrong that I lost track of them, but I think I finally got it right. Now I need to call my technician, whose sighs I can hear from Hong Kong every time I send her a sketch made with crayons (yes, I still work with crayons!), and insists of my sending her computer generated images of my designs. Somehow I feel computer images miss the fun and homely part in each design.


I am not a formally educated designer. Until four years ago, I was an investment banking lawyer. Anything further away from creativity? Our penguin bag designs are limited by the shape of our garments and by the fact that we cannot add laces, buttons or anything that can create any risk for the children. They are basically a combination of colours. And they have to represent something that is fun without the help of legs, arms or head.


My number one inspiration is my sister Natalia, a mum who works very long hours but still manages to go home and make every minute she spends with her children a fun moment. In February this year I was at her place, and the children were having dinner. It was fish and rice with some vegetables. Soon after sitting down, Roberto said “Mommy I do not want rice”, Natalia, opening her eyes wide, said “You are not going to eat rice?? Are you sure?? It is the astronauts favourite food, because it is white, like their suits. It makes them strong enough to travel in their rockets anywhere!!”. The rice disappeared from the plate within seconds and I thought “astronaut, uhhh, cute idea…”. My astronaut ended up being blue but I will always think of rice when I see one.


My other little help in my design work are my children. They are the best judges of whether or not I got it right. When I have a design I am fairly happy with, I make it in real size in cardboard, color it with my crayons and put it in my living room when the children are about to arrive. After greetings I ask them: what is this? pointing at the design. I know I am not on the right path when they call sheep the angel I have been working on…


My latest design passed my children’s test yesterday. Now, it is time to give the technician a call.


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