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On dummies and crocodiles

crocodile 3

Hello, this is Lourdes talking ;)

Today, when I was having breakfast, I decided, for some unknown reason, to use one of those fancy cups everybody has at home and are used only when guests are around. I stretched my back to reach it on the top shelf of the cupboard and, when I got it, I found a surprise inside. There were three dummies (or baby pacifiers, if you never liked dummie as a word).

In horror I looked around to ensure my children were not watching, to soon realize they would probably not give a hoot if they saw them again.

 When my first child was born I decided to use dummies instead of letting him suck his thumb. I have heard a couple of stories about children using their thumbs as dummies and decided  that, when the time came, it would be easier to take the dummy away than to take the thumb. And, frankly, it was the best mute device I could find on earth.

So, around 18 months ago, I was raising two children, ages two and a half and one, when we decided we needed to remove the dummies they were still using in bed and in the car. I would sweat just thinking about what was coming. After devising numerous strategies and tactics, my husband and I could not decide when to do it and how, no moment seemed good to do it. We have heard of children wanting to return the present they got in exchange for the dummy once the sun set and it was time to go to bed. In my search for the better way to do this, I spoke to a little girl who, with sadness in her eyes, told me her daddy had cut the tip of her dummy. We needed to find something that clearly had no way back and nobody close to blame.

One Sunday we went to Disneyland in Hong Kong. We saw Peter Pan in one of their shows, fighting with a Captain Hook whose bottom was at risk of being bitten by a nearby crocodile. The song “Never Smile at a Crocodile” was in the background. I’m sure you have seen it.

 When we got in the car to come back home, my children asked for the dummy. Gosh, it was in the trunk! So, my lovely husband quickly reacted and says “ You know, I think Peter Pan’s crocodile has eaten them!”. “Really? “ asked Javi. “Yes” we answered.

After that, we had around one week when the two children would do this funny thing of sucking their own tongue until they finally got used to sleep without dummies. But none of them dared to suggest to go to see the crocodile to get the dummies back.


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