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On Santa, Business and Joy

xmas penguin label

Hello, this is Lourdes talking ;)

I have just come out of Santa’s grotto at Pacific Place in Hong where I came to get my children photographed with Santa. I have to say that my state of mind has changed tremendously from the time I got through the entrance door to the time I came out.

I had to wait for 30 minutes for this very important appointment and, in my wait, I could not help but thinking of what a wonderful businessman and PR person Santa is. Probably the best in history. He manages to have his factory manned by little elves who happily work even during holidays without unionising, apparent disgust, or payment of extra time. On top of that, he manages to get his clients, us, pay for his raw materials and do it happily. He then works for one night a year and gets all the praises in the world with not a single bad review and a 0% rate of returns. He has a captive client base who not only repeat year after year but educate their children on becoming clients for life.
On the street, everybody cheers his name and approaches him with a smile on their face, not expecting immediate stock availability at that moment and leave happy after just getting a promise of delivery on some days time. I wonder if Amancio Ortega would get the same treatment.

But when I came out, I could not think of these things any more. I could just think of my son Javi’s joy for having been able to chat with Santa. His eyes where sparkling and the high pitch of his voice showed how a special treat this has been for him. Mommy, mommy, did you see that Santa also speaks Spanish??? Did you hear that his reindeers are parked at the roof of this building? Can we go to see them?

And I thought I probably only have a couple of years to go before his world of fantasy around Santa  fades away. He did not even ask for a present. He was just happy he met Santa.

And I realised I should also enjoy this moment as a mother…Santa will not be the same when Javi is 20.

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