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The PenguinBag Family

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Many of you are curious about our Penguin Team and ask how many people we employ and where they are. Is it just you and your sis? – they ask. The truth is that we already have quite a big group, although some of them only work part time for the penguinbag family. Here is a little more information about some members of our penguinbag team:

David is our Sales Manager. A father of a teenage girl, he was always the primary care giver of his daughter, as his wife works odd shifts. David loves children and, if you are with him and any children appear on the scene, you are certain that in one minute the meeting is finished and playtime starts. David hates airplanes. It is not that he is afraid of them, but he gets serious motion sickness when flying, specially when taking off and landing. How he deals with this? He eats apples continuously when he flies, apparently that is the only remedy that works for him. Tomorrow he will get into an airplane to come to Hong Kong, with 3 stops over, so if you happen to be at an airport between Asturias (Spain) and Hong Kong tomorrow and see a guy looking dizzy and with a large bag of apples, you have spotted David!

Maria is our Business and Logistics Manager. She has no children of her own but she has a little man in her life: a very cute nephew who is her spitting image. Maria is a Zara Addict. You can ask her “Maria, I need a navy blue cardigan with gold buttons, tight and with thin ribs on the wrists. Is there anything in Zara like that?”, and you will get a full briefing: “Not now, but in 2011, summer season, Zara had a cardigan like that, but the buttons were silver” or “Yes, they have one similar to that right now, but shops only have sizes 36-40 and they only have stock in shop X”. I dread the day Amancio Ortega hears of this treasure and snaps her away from our family.

Adrian is the adventurer of the group. He is our webpage maintenance guy and works from home. Adrian has his grandparents in Bangladesh and last December he went back to spend a holiday with his family. OK, we will see you in two weeks Adrian! Two weeks passed and he did not return. Twenty days and still no sight of Adrian. Not answering his phone and no replies to emails. We were already freaking out. Finally, through a friend of a friend of a friend, we managed to connect with him. He was OK, but the political situation in Bangladesh had worsened and traveling had become really dangerous. He was stuck somewhere in a village in Bangladesh with no means of communication. It took him one month to come back. Once he was back we could all breath a sigh of relief – we have one year before he starts his next adventure.

Olaya is the latest addition to the penguin family and works in our marketing team. She speaks to media, bloggers and is involved in making sure people know who we are. She works from home as she has two little twin boys under 1 year of age. Olay has the biggest hairdo in the planet and is always fun to have around. She will be marrying next summer in a wedding which is expected to be one to remember – at least for the hair fashion on display.

William is the guy who does the warehousing, picking and packaging in Hong Kong. He is the best Tetris player in the world, which is quite handy when you have a warehouse in a place where you pay a rent of almost EUR30 per square meter! His Tetris abilities allow him to keep a ratio of 1/3 in a warehouse (i.e. 10 cubic meters of stock in 30 cubic meters of space)  and still make it manageable. He can exactly calculate the measurements of a box down to a centimeter without measuring tape. I hiperventilate every time he goes on holidays – as I am the one who has to deal with the handling in his absence!

There are some other members of our penguin bag family. I will finish the family portrait in another blog. They all are the ones who make this work and, definitely, our biggest asset.

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