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Not all the PenguinBags fly


It always happens. Whenever a mum visits my office, they are always interested in the penguinbags hanging from my walls. Sometimes, those are designs I am working on, but most of the times, they are designs that, for one reason or another, never reached the production phase. I always refuse to throw them away as, somehow, I hope they may be an inspiration for the next generation of penguinbags. I think mummies are driven to them because they are ‘something different’ from what is on our catalogue.

An example of those is my flamenco dancer penguinbag. It looked very nice on paper and we had the prototype made. When I received it, I did not like it at all. But one day, I had a playdate at home. The children started to dress up and I was a bit short of fancy dresses. So I got out my flamenco dancer penguinbag which cute Anna eagerly tried on. She looked gorgeous! Anna did not manage to ‘save’ the design because there are other safety and design hurdles that made our flamenco dancer not viable. But at least somebody enjoyed it for an afternoon!

Another one of those cases is our panda penguinbag. Living as I do in Hong Kong, the penguinbag was obviously a ‘giant panda’ for anybody who saw it over here. But then we took it to a trade fair in Europe to see what retailers thought of it. What happened? Our giant panda became a cow in the eyes of the European buyers! – another one for the wall, I am afraid…

But I take note of what mummies’ reactions are when they see something different. For that reason, we have added a couple of ‘limited edition’ designs for next winter season. Watch this space if interested!

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