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The Best Friends in the World

photo leti ceci

See the photo above?  You know, these ladies (the two on the right, the one on the left is me!) are really nice people. They are two my friends in Hong Kong. They not only lent me their houses for our charity sale but they work like crazy on it. Many other friends came to support my business and the Charities we organized this sale for.

It was a really nice day. Lots of chat and catch up. I really enjoyed my chat with Monica, the mother of the two year-old chinese boy adopted from Mother’s Choice I mentioned in one of my previous posts. She told me how well he had settled in. He has been in his new house with his new family for 3 months now. She mentioned how caring and well mannered he was, all of which, she said, was result of the good work of Mother’s Choice’s personnel and volunteers. He still enjoys looking at the photos of his farewell party. Yes, apparently they have a farewell party with all their “bothers and sisters” and carers before leaving Mother’s Choice’s house, because that helps them understand they are going to a new family. Isn’t it amazing? Apparently, even at age 2, they get it and fully understand this is a farewell to the life they knew till that moment.

The other highlight of the day was to have the opportunity to taste Cynthia’s cupcakes https://www.facebook.com/cynthiascakes8. Cynthia is a lady with a long history of patisserie and cake making in her family, who makes, by hand and one by one, her cakes. I ordered a couple of them from her today and you get bombarded with questions like, “which type of berries do you want, blueberries or raspberries? do you want chocolate shavings on your cake? do you want the base regular or gluten free? any allergies to milk or nuts among your guests? do you have a favorite chocolate brand you want me to use for your cakes?” They are really made for you and when talking to her you realize it is not a normal cake what you are getting. And I tell you…you have not tasted really good cupcakes until you have tasted Cynthia’s. They are all delicious, all of them..hard to choose my favorite one.

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