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The naked truth about having children dressed

bebe pañal

I know most of the children go through this phase at one stage or another. But, in my case, I think this new routine is here to stay.

My children are getting into the habit of undressing themselves. But not in a way a mother would usually say ‘well done, Johny, you are now a big boy!’

Every evening, after their bath, I get them dressed in comfortable clothes for the long evening (yes, we are Spanish, so our evenings are very long!). After this, they run to my living room and peel off their clothes faster than I peel off a banana.

My lovely husband is no much help. He is one of this half fish half human being that think that any room at temperature over 15 degrees require air conditioning on. Because he finds every environment hot, he dresses with just a short pant when at home, nothing else. So, while most of the women have to go to Abercrombie & Fitch to see a non related man half naked , my nanny, postwoman and neighbours only need to pop in at flat 7B at dinner time. Granted, He is 20 years older that the good looking guys at Abercrombie, but you know, you do not have to commute for half an hour, so not too bad of a deal!

There is no much use of my explaining to my children that they are going to get sick if they do not get dressed, right now, getting undressed and be like daddy is the fun thing to do.

Maybe I should make a XXXXXL size penguin bag for my husband…uhhmmm

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