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Tunneling to the other side of the Earth

kids instyle

We have spent some wonderful days in Sydney, attending the Kids Instyle trade show. And I tell you, what an amazing experience!!! We have met so many nice people and learned so much from them that I am not sure what I should talk about in this little summary.

As I have never done it before, I will tell you a little bit about the retailers. We arrived here four days ago without a single retailer in our books and leave thrilled by the response and the kindness of our audience. Australians and Kiwis are known for their kind character but, even so, they broke our expectations.

We are thrilled to leave the country with our Penguinbags already in some show windows. Our first retailer was Vicky, the lovely manager from Flying  Penguin Extraordinary Educational Toys in Sydney. What a wonderful lady and what a source of knowledge of the Australian sector of our industry.

Mid morning on Thursday, once we had already made some contacts in Australia, we, the Penguinbag People, started talking how far geographically we have taken our products. It had been hard to reach Australia, specially for our multitasking and problem fixer Head of Logistisc Maria, who had flewn in from Spain and arrived just on time to open the fair with a wide smile on her face after having taken 4 flights and been travelling for 35 hours. My gosh, and I was complaining of aches after a merely 12 hour flight! We surely could not go farer away from Spain, she said. I looked for the response at lunch time, in an antipodes map while eating my sandwich. Actually, the antipodes of Spain is not Australia, it is New Zealand… We still had scope for spreading… And then, when I finished my lunch and went back to out stand, we met friendly Keith and  Claudine, the nicest couple on the other side of the world and wonderful owners of Nurtured in Hamilton, New Zealand, who loved so much our sleeping bag that requested urgent delivery of all our collection.

Now that the fair has ended, Maria will go back to Spain to fix the logistics of delivery. Knowing her, she may manage to just tunnel the earth to make the delivery faster and more efficient!

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